*SALE* "Violet" - Calico Tabby Cat, Original Watercolor Painting, Framed

*SALE* "Violet" - Calico Tabby Cat, Original Watercolor Painting, Framed

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"Violet" is my skewed-palette take on a calico tabby cat. She had an interesting coat pattern, mostly calico, but with some tabby areas - you can see the tabby stripes on her head. I think you can figure how I came up with the name for this painting.

This original painting is already framed! See the second image for mat/frame proportions.
Art: 4" x 5", ©2006
Mat: 8" x 10", white
Frame: 8" x 10", matte-finish silver

This is a watercolor painting on Yupo, one of my "Paintings with Petzazz". When the painting was dry, I added just a bit of color pencil in a few places for enhancement.

Yupo is made of polypropylene, it's slick and bright white. The water/paint mixture isn't absorbed into the surface as with traditional watercolor paper - this results in vibrant colors and interesting swirls and watermarks that appear as the paint dries. Paint can also be lifted easily with a damp brush - wonderful for creating edges, the highlight in the eye, whiskers, etc.

My intent with these paintings is to interpret the subject, not to paint it exactly, although I do strive for accuracy of proportion. I choose a limited color palette and let the paint and paper do a lot of the work. After selecting the image, I'll often choose a title which is related to a color and then come up with the color scheme.

Charity Item: I'll donate $8 from the sale of this painting to the FieldHaven Feline Center (

This item ships via USPS Priority Mail
* * Copyright retained by the artist (that would be me). You are purchasing the original art only - I retain all rights to this image. This image may not be reproduced in any manner without my written consent. * *

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