"The Last Musk Ox" - Original ACEO, Scratchboard

"The Last Musk Ox" - Original ACEO, Scratchboard

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"The Last Musk Ox"

Size 3.5" x 2.5"

This detailed drawing of a musk ox skull is rendered with an X-acto knife on scratchboard. Keep in mind, that the scratchboard started out ALL BLACK, and I carefully scratched away most of it, leaving black in just the right places to define the skull. Why, you ask, did I not just draw black onto white? Well, it just wouldn't result in the unique etching effect that black scratchboard provides.

This scratchboard is approximately the thickness of 65-lb card stock and consists of a paper base with a top coating of clay which has been coated with black ink. I use an X-acto knife to scratch detail into the surface. In a few places, I went back in with a technical pen to add black and I used two shades of red Prismacolor pencil to fill in the scratched background.

I have initialed the drawing on the front and signed it on the back. Ive also included the title "The Last Musk Ox" on the back as well as the copyright year. The drawing is enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve.


* * Copyright retained by the artist (that would be me). You are purchasing the original art only - I retain all rights to this image. This image may not be reproduced in any manner without my written consent. * *


ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions & Originals) are mini artworks that are the size of a baseball trading card - always 2.5" x 3.5" or vice versa. ACEOs can be original art, photos or prints of an artists work. They are a great way to collect affordable art. ACEOs may be matted, framed, traded, given as a gift within a greeting card, etc. They may be small, but they are packed full of arty goodness!

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